A day in Garland, Texas

Sitting by a fountain eating ice cream at a mall in Garland, Texas I find myself wanting to explore a little more what the area had to offer. I stood up and started to walk around Firewheel Town Center. As with any mall, a good amount of retail stores (and of course, restaurants) were spread out among this area and an AMC Cinema. I ventured out and drove around Garland and found that they had fitness centers, a Walmart, a Target, a Sam’s Club to only name a few. Driving down North Garland Avenue you’ll see a water park, named “Hawaiian Falls” as the sign indicated.




¬†I, then, drove to Garland’s downtown area to see the establishments there. People have access to a branch of a local community college, access to Dart Rail, and some modernized building structures. Despite the apparent redevelopment, you can almost hear the echoes of something like out of a western movie pleading to not be forgotten. No doubt Garland is diverse, culturally, with the amount of fusion in the types of restaurants and establishments in the area. People are friendly and are quick to assist with any directional questions you may have. Garland is a city within a city in itself.


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